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I want you all to meet my friend, Dot.

Most of you know her already, though you are probably not aware, as she has had a hand in most of my cake-makery since the beginning. She encouraged me to start blogging, listens to all my whining about cakes (and all my bragging), see’s most of my work before anyone else, edits my posts, tells me when I need to seek professional help, distracts me when I need to get something unpleasant done. Basically she is all over my life and since my life is all over this blog, you all kind of know Dot ;)

Our bro-mance began about  7 years ago, over the phone, when I was trying to get in contact with her husband who was my husbands best friend in high school. She answered, I told her who I was and we immediately bonded over shared experiences with the horrors of breast feeding and other highly personal topics that you wouldn’t normally discuss with someone you had just “met”. We bonded with our same sense of evil humour and trouble-makery and after that it was game on. We would be on the phone three times a week at least and no topic was left undiscussed. We were over 3,000 miles apart (I was living in the southern United States at the time and she was here in Canada) but were totally a part of each others daily lives.

It was a bit weird to explain to people that the friend I had never met in person knew more about my life then the friends I had next door. She was the first person I called when I had big news, or sad news or no news at all. If life got crazy and you left a voicemail that didn’t get returned for three weeks, it didn’t really matter much, you just carried on the next time you were on the phone again. Our husbands would get new jobs, or we’d move, or have more babies, or have heartbreaks; we did a lot of life together despite the distance.

So lets fast forward about seven years (I am getting all misty-eyed, I need to get back to the Melissa who tells fart jokes on her blog). Through a series of events that really could be turned into a made-for-tv movie, my family ends up back in Canada! Dot is now a one-hour boat ride away and even though it is awkward as all hell to make eye contact (who is this stranger with my favourite friends voice??) one of the first things we do together is make a cake! By this point she is the Master over at Busted Button, a popular blog that idolizes all things ‘button’, so it was only natural that our creativity should get it on and make a button inspired cake!

Button Tree CakePin ThisButton Tree CakePin ThisButton Tree CakePin ThisButton Tree CakePin This


The process was pretty straightforward. I made a cake and she Facebooked. I made lots of brown worms and she glued them on and painted them. I made buttons with a silicone mould and she arranged them on the branches. She was in charge of placement, I was in charge of colour, we both drank tea and ignored the kids in unison ;)

I may be PMSing and/or crying at commercials in this present moment, so soak it in and enjoy the mushiness while it lasts. I just wanted to make it clear how big of a deal it was that we got to do this together…just sitting together…in person…in close proximity…it was just SUCH a momentous occasion!

If I could wish anything on you, dear readers, it would be that you could have a Dot in your life. I would need a whole year of writing to give you a glimpse of how much I love this girl (oh she is going to HATE all this mushy stuff, ehehehee) but instead will leave you with this one last picture from our epic love fest <3


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Photography by my other amazing friend, Frances, from Frances Eden Creative. More about her later ;)

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