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Caramel – A Recipe Series

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So here is what happened: I had a craving (enough said, really, but I’ll continue anyways) so I dove into my disaster of a recipe binder and pulled out everything I had that was caramel related. From that I picked my six favourite recipes and then weighed the pros and cons of each. They ranged from super simple to horribly involved, ingredients on-hand to ingredients I would need to specifically shop for and instant gratification vs delayed gratification. This was a lot to think about for a girl with a caramel craving so I did what any sensible person would do and decided to make them all! And then I decided this process would be a fabulous thing to share with all of you! Best idea ever, right? Are you excited?!? Cause I’m pretty darn excited!!!

You might be wondering “why is Melissa so determined to give away her sacred and super awesome recipes in such a professional/high quality manner?” and the answer to that is simple: I am just a generous kind of gal. Consider this my philanthropic way of making the world a better place ;) I need to make sure your caramel-making skills are in order because some things, like caramel-making, are very important!

So every Thursday for the next six weeks, be prepared for some serious caramel time! Stock up on butter and brown sugar, purchase a candy thermometer if you don’t already have one (I promise they are not scary and evil!) and mentally prepare yourself for some weight gain, cause baby, it’s gonna be THAT good!


Week 1 ~ Cracker Candy

Week 2 ~ Caramel Popcorn

Week 3 ~ Caramel Candy

Week 4 ~ Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcakes

Week 5 ~ Caramel Coffee Creamer and Scones

Week 6 ~ Caramel Escargot


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