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Meet Frances

I would like you all to meet my friend Frances.

On this blog, Frances is the visual side of Buttercream Couture and unless otherwise noted, her images and graphics that are the only ones you’ll see. In real life, she is my white wine and movies buddy, a voice of reason when I get all psycho about something (everything) and a really really good friend.

Frances has this incredible ability to ‘see’ the ideas in my brain and capture it on her camera. We play an excellent game of creative ping-pong together, bouncing ideas and concepts back and forth until we don’t know who had what good idea and no score can be made in either of our favour. Its teamwork in its purest form. Because of this, I felt it was important for all of you to meet this blogs silent voice. Its me you hear, its her you see. And now its her turn to BE seen!

…buuuuuuuuut since like to be heard so much, I interviewed this little beauty in typical Melissa fashion. Go ahead and study Frances’s facial features and then continue on to see how I asked her some of the most important questions she has ever been asked…

Life’s Most Important Questions

as asked to Frances by Melissa

shootout2014003Pin ThisDo you prefer straight or bendy straws? Straight

Which song do you hate the most? Bananaphone 

If you could steal one thing with no consequence, what would it be? A holiday. One year long, all expenses paid.

Do you believe in the existence of the loch ness monster? Heck no

How many hoola hoops can you hoop at one time? 1.5

Do you love or hate roller coaters? Hate

Have you ever pee’d your pants as an adult? Not a full pee, but like enough to think “should I check that?”

Do you floss? Bi-annually

Whats the cleverest word you know? Juxtaposition

Can you erect a tent? My husband and I can. Its a team effort ;)

What are cooler, Dinosaurs or Dragons? Dinos

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? Does my cat count? Then yes. 

Whats your opinion on rats? Gross/vomit/gag me… but their tails feel cool

Have you ever cheated on a test? No…

Could you ever hunt your own meal? Nope

How does the word “rectal” make you feel? Uncomfortable

What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten? My husbands cooking

Do you own any inflatable furniture? Yes

How many text messages do you receive from me on an average day? If you’re feeling good, probably 25-75, if you aren’t, then maybe only 15-20

How are you at egg and spoon races? Killa!

Do you have a useless talent? I can tell the quality and make of tape (i.e. scotch tape)

Have you ever tried spam? Unfortunately


Now that you know all of her secrets, take a peek around this site to see all of her talents! Frances is a pretty fascinating creature and you should defs check out her world HERE and HERE!



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Photo: Rebecca Sehn

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