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Old Post #2 Where We Revisit ‘the Log’ (there’s a joke in there somewhere, I just know it)

So like i said in my last post, in order to not be a big fat quitter I am re posting my posts from when I had posted two whole posts on a Blogspot post post post (how many times did I just write ‘post’?), but then quit to enter the home renovation phase of my life that I would prefer to forget ever happened. And after that quick and unnecessary recap, I will let you continue on to old post #2. From here on out Im back to new material, you ready?




If you should fall, into my arms, and tremble like a FLOOOOOOOOOW-ER!

Alright, so tonight it’s David Bowie in the earphones. “Let’s Dance” is maybe the best song ever recorded. So singable. So danceable. So…blog inspiring? Well see.

I was going to begin this post with an apology for how long it has taken me to actually write this post, then I thought that would make me seem a bit conceited, like I am assuming you’ve all noticed that’s its been over a week since I’ve posted something. Which might not be the case and then I’d just be flattering myself. So no apology for YOU!

Whats actually funny is that I thought I would be blogging every day, every other day at the most. Must have forgotten that I was potty training…there was the time I was ready to write and then Wyatt peed on the floor. And one afternoon I was all geared up and had these great ideas and then Wyatt peed on the floor. Once I even had half a post written, it was sooooo good too, then Wyatt peed on the floor. I just cant get my head back around it after cleaning up all that pee. But Wyatt is sleeping now so I’m going to take advantage of his dry spell and blog about something very dear to my heart: DESSERT!!! [such a fitting topic after all the potty talk, eh?]

As much as I enjoy the time spent baking the most perfect torte or the lengthy process of making a wedding cake, there is nothing more satisfying than the cheater dessert. I like the quick, simple, do-it-ahead kind of thing and not because I am organized or prepared, but because when I am in need of dessert I need it NOW or heads will roll. I am sure some of you have experienced this supernatural need for anything sweet and forbidden and I am here to tell you that you no longer need to become a threat to society when a craving hits, you can have your fix ready and waiting!

I am going to start with the easiest of the easy. Quick and clean, readily available ingredients and a good starting point for any of my readers who are a little “slow” when it comes to dessert items. Some people call it Zebra Cake, some people call it Whipping Cream Cake but as long as you don’t call it late for dinner…. ha haha ha…[okay the bad joke is out of my system] I actually just call it “the Log”. Something so totally unappetizing about naming a dessert “the Log” but I think that’s what makes it special.

**Note to all you super snooty bakers who always like to ask me where I went to culinary school just so you can tell me where YOU went to culinary school: This is a very basic dessert so if your thinking “why is she wasting her time writing about that old thing, Ive made that 1000 times with my eyes closed, I wanna see wedding cakes, blah, blah, blah” it’s because the kitchen doesn’t revolve around YOU and MAYBE I like this dessert and want to write about it! [sticks out tongue] SO THERE!

Here goes. The Log:

You will need one box of chocolate wafers, 2 cups of whipping cream, 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and a smidge of vanilla. That’s it (see, told ya it was gonna be easy). I am even going to do a photo tutorial, cause I’m nerdy like that.

Mr. Christies Chocolate wafers…and Wyatt’s gun.

First thing your gonna want to do is whip the darn out of your cream. You want a nice, stiff cream. So pour it into a bowl and beat it like it called you fat. Have no mercy. Show that cream who’s boss! And when its nice and whipped (whooped) like this…

…then you are ready to move on [deep breath in, release the anger, deep breath out]. Here is where you add your sugar and that smidge of vanilla. If I’m really feeling saucy, I like to add a tablespoon or so of brandy. Kahlua is good too, but then don’t add as much sugar. Mmmm, makes the cream so yum.

Now its time for us to join in the blessed union of cream and wafer.

Start layering just like so. About a heaping teaspoon of cream between each cookie should do it. And give them a good squish too. Wyatt likes to help with this part (which is why we have yet another name for this cake: Wyatt Spitty Cake) so if you don’t tend to develop a tick by working in the kitchen with children, this is a great recipe for them to help with. I usually stack until it begins to weeble and then push it onto its side where I finish it off.

Once the cookies look like they have successfully contracted rabies, use any leftover cream and smooth it out.

Now cover that sucker with some plastic wrap and let it chill in the fridge for a while. Go lick the rest of the cream out of the bowl, scavenge for any wafer crumbs, check Facebook, do your dishes and this thing should be about ready to eat [that whole process would take me about 4 hours cause I can reeeaaaally overdo the Facebook part. If you have more of a life, than just be sure to let it sit for 4-6 hours before eating it]. Cut it on a bit of an angle and it should look something like this:

Your done! Voila! It’s simple but sooooooooo goooooood. And your friends will think your a genius, well, at least the ones who don’t know how to make it. The ones who do will probably just think your lazy. Also, if you are someone who makes this constantly and you do it different/better and have some suggestions, feel free to get your own blogspot account and share your ideas there, CAUSE THIS IS MY TOWN BABY! And that my friends, is blog post #2.

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    Bonnie - awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks.

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