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Poorly Motivated Food Gifts

So Im doing a lot of food gifts this year as I am feeling very broke uuuh, I mean, anti-consumer! I thought that maybe there is a chance some of YOU might also be feeling cheap poor un-materialistic too. And as I am most generous, I am gonna spam you all with my cheapy food gift ideas :)

And here is what I did:

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Photo by Frances Eden Creative



Peppermint Marshmallows! Get the marshmallow recipe HERE.  Replace the vanilla extract with peppermint extract and top with crushed candy cane before you powder the top. And so long as you don’t THIS,  you can save yourself time by not having to make a second trip to the store.

These cut into a million pieces so thats like, the cheapest/ tastiest/ bestest most impressive gift ever! I package mine in clear little bags tied with Christmassy ribbons and give them with a homemade hot chocolate mix. This gift is low-cost, low-time AND low-calorie. HA! But really, it is quick and cheap ;) And most importantly, it comes with the added bonus points of you getting to be that jerk who shows-up everybody’s store bought gifts with something made with looooove (and they never need to know any different).

*Also recommended for teacher gifts as these tasty morsels come with a Top Mompetitor guarantee*


Your welcome,


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