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Vanilla Bean 2: Dont Mess With the S!

Photography by Frances Eden Creative

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**If you are new to this movement or have forgotten its purpose, take a peeksy at the INTRO to catch up to speed**

On first impression, Vanilla Bean Syrup is sweet, smooth and delightfully fragrant. But look a little closer and you will see a depth of aggression that makes this creation an integral part of our militia. Don’t be fooled by its golden appeal because this stealthy syrup packs a punch aimed right for Artificial Extracts gonads! And then, while Artificial Extract is doubled over in pain, the syrup slaps it upside the head and calls its mama fat.

Vanilla Bean Syrup believes that the high road is just too hard to find. #hardcore

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Fresh Berries with Vanilla Bean Syrup, fo’drizzle!

Vanilla Bean Syrup Ratio

1 cup sugar : 1 cup water : 1 vanilla bean

How I Do It: Split your vanilla bean in half lengthwise, remove its innards and whisk them into the saucepan with the sugar/water. Add the gorged bean pod too. Set the heat to medium and whisk a bit until the sugar dissolves and the liquid begins to bubble the tiniest bit around the edges of the pan. Then turn the heat to low and let it sit and do its thing for about 7 mins. Remove the bean, pour the syrup into a storage container of your choice and you are donzies!

To Note:

– Rinse off your vanilla bean, let it dry and pop it into your extract or sugar jar! And I will just point out that thats reduce, reuse and recycle all in one ;) Mrs. Responsibility here.

– Use any kind of sugar you like! I use cane sugar and coconut sugar when I am feeling guilted motivated to eat less refined and processed things, its delicious AND nutritious!

-Pair a jar of this with a pound of coffee for a fun food gift or just with a print out of this post…with the web address highlighted…and a special note to subscribe…

-This stuff applies to almost everything. I mean EVERYTHING! I love it on berries (like in the photo above, for a quick yet oh-so-impressive dessert), in my hot beverages, on my oatmeal, on my grapefruit (that one is especially my fav), drizzled over my pancakes, drizzled over my husband, eaten with a spoon right outta the jar and even in many chicken/pork recipes (this stuff mixed with honey and soy sauce as a baste, omGEEE!). I dare you to name one thing it doesn’t taste delicious on!

– If the preceding comment wasnt enough to sell you on this stuff, take a look at THIS:

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Thats homemade cream soda baby!!!!! See all those sexy vanilla bean flecks? I love those flecks. And there is even a boozy alternative (there is always a boozy alternative with me, incase you haven’t picked up on that yet, like HERE) by adding a little Spiced Rum or maybe some vodka or a splash of Tuaca or a bit of all three if you really wanna get going with the Elvis impersonations…but Im getting ahead of myself, I haven’t even given you the instructions yet and Im already talking like its Friday night.


Homemade Cream Soda

Vanilla Syrup

Soda Water

How I Do It: Stir three to four tbsp of vanilla syrup into glass with ice and soda water. BAM! You are done. Instant iced beverage! It just doesn’t get any easier, or any more delicious. And if you made your syrup with an unrefined sugar (organic cane sugar FTW!) then you have just made yourself a somewhat-healthy soda! Drink it like that or add some of the adult alternatives mentioned above (making it a less healthy soda, unless we are talking about mental health, in which case make mine a double) or even a bit of cream for an italian soda. Its-a so-a yumma-ya!


Alright I’ve officially used a bad Italian accent in a blog post, Im done. See you for the next chapter of our gourmet revolution!



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P.S. – I love hearing from you guys, comments are like little e-presents and make me dance, which makes me burn calories, which makes me eat better, which makes me healthier! So comment for my health!

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  • May 23, 2013 - 12:13 pm

    Cat - I am so making the soda tonight with a shot of vodka .. Love itReplyCancel

  • May 23, 2013 - 12:52 pm

    Karley Breese - I love the homemade soda idea! Going to try that for sure :) Glad to see a new post!ReplyCancel

  • May 23, 2013 - 2:08 pm

    Melody - oooh, the possibilities!ReplyCancel

  • May 23, 2013 - 3:19 pm

    Moses - Lol!ReplyCancel

  • June 4, 2013 - 10:22 pm

    Melissa - What a great idea! gotta try it!!ReplyCancel

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