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Vanilla Bean 4: Interference and a Really Yummy Creamsicle

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Vanilla Bean is getting a time out. No it has not been naughty, no it isnt fair, but I am the boss around these parts and what I say goes!!!!

Ok in truth, this series was SUPPOSED to be an eight part epic with loads of giveaways and vanilla violence, starting and ending in May. My intentions were for a fantastic bunch of recipes to live up to the Caramel Series from last fall, but unfortunately my intentions were no match for: my hubbys huge job change, my teenagers grad, my youngest sons weekly trips to the specialist, my getting pneumonia (though that did breed a rather popular post…savages…), random household tornadoes, mental tsunamis, emotional earthquakes and etc etc etc. I did NOT, however, have a nervous breakdown so for that I am giving myself a very special applause *slow clap* and maybe even treating myself to a giant frappuccino with half a bottle of caramel sauce on top (being thin is nowhere near as important as being sane, amirite?)

But anyways, it is now July, Im only four posts in and rather then cutting it short, I am just gonna press pause on this sucker. The Revolution will see its victory day, but that day is gonna have to wait until fall, when I am done with u-pick farms and camping and being a beach bum ;)

Here is the next recipe that was on the list. Its actually rather fitting for the current season and since I feel there is no better time to get interrupted then when your are on a high moment, we will leave off here ;)

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Vanilla Orange Creamsicles

1/2 cup vanilla syrup (recipe HERE)

1 cup fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice

1 cup plain greek yogurt

How I Do It: Whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl and freeze your mixture in the popsicle freezing device of your choice! DONE! Ridiculously easy, ridiculously delicious. And if you made your syrup with a raw or unprocessed sugar, they are ridiculously healthy too! (well, at least in comparison to the ones you buy at the store). Play with the flavours of yogurt and juice but don’t forgo that delicious vanilla syrup, its the perfect kinda sweet for these creamsicles. Plus we cant forget the flecks, Ive got such a thing for those gorgeous beany flecks…

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I am off to make some Apricot-Reisling Jam! I will be popping in at random to share recipes for my fav summer items so be sure to check out Buttercream Couture on FACEBOOK for pics and recipes and lots of status updates that really have nothing to do with food at all ;)


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